Academy of Habilitation Science

Academy of Habilitation Science is the newest wing of “Institute for Child Development (ICD), New Delhi”. ICD, New Delhi is a registered company with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, under section 25 of Company Registration Act, 1956. ICD is considered a tertiary care centre for children with developmental disabilities in India. ICD’s primary unit “PediaMed” is located at Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. PediaMed-ICD has more than 10 projects which cater different needs of children with poor health, developmental delay and developmental disabilities.

As all of us know, the need of pediatric populations is very much different from the needs of adults. Pediatric populations with developmental delay or disabilities require a unique mode of treatments which is popularly known as habilitation. Habilitation treatments / therapies are purely based on habilitation science. Habilitation science is a very much new when it is compared with rehabilitation science.

Habilitation Services are specialized form of physical therapy for pediatric populations. Habilitation therapies are such types of health care services that help a child to learn new skills, or improve learned skills and functioning for daily living. These services are available in limited pediatric set up. Generally these services are exclusively provided by qualified and exclusively trained habilitation professionals.  All children with developmental delay / developmental disabilities require habilitation services for ultimate habilitation. In fact, very few children with developmental disabilities get benefited with traditional rehabilitation therapies.

Our Vision
To cultivate young minds with knowledge, skills, judgement to be global leaders and to meet challenges of today's science and technology

Our Mission
To motivate the professionals and provide the opportunities to develop all the essential skills and knowledge by excelling activities to achieve professional goals


  • To help professionals acquire the skill and expertise to achieve their habilitation career
  • To aspire professionals by providing a thorough variety of knowledge essential for optimal habilitation
  • To enhance professionals academic ability
  • To make all professionals able to understand the topics conceptually
  • To enrich problem solving skills and practice Time Management
  • To strengthen originality and creativity in thinking

Projects and Programs under AHS

  • Workshops / Webinars
  • Short Term Certificate Courses (Online Mode / Onsite Mode/ Hybrid Mode)
  • Screening and Evaluation Camps
  • Awareness Raising Events / Campaigns           
  • Conferences ( Onsite / Virtual)
  • Publication of Newsletter and Journals

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Workshop On Developmental
Disability - 28.05.2023