Recipient of National Education Leadership Award (2015) for excellence in Paediatric Neurodisability Management
Cerebral Palsy Teatment


Institute for Child Development (ICD) is a not for profit organization registered under section 25 of Company Act 1956. It exclusively works with children with delayed milestones, Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neuromuscular Diseases (e.g. High risk infants, Children with Brain Injury, and Developmental Disabilities, etc). It is one of the first Pediatric Habilitation / Rehabilitation Centers in India, situated in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. ICD (formerly known as INSTITUTE FOR CHILDHOOD DISABILITY) is known as a premier institute for children with special needs.  Since its inception, it has treated more than 20, 000 children from different parts of the Globe.

Institute for Child Development (ICD) has gained a National and International reputation for providing proper diagnostic and treatment services to children with special needs through its indigenous approach known as Neuro-Enhancing Treatment (NET). With the help of Neuro-Enhancing Treatment (NET), ICD has been able to make a large number of special children near normal or disability free. The mission of ICD is to help children with delayed milestones, Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neuromuscular Diseases (e.g. High Risks Infants, Children with Brain Injury, and Developmental Disabilities, etc).and complex medical needs achieve their maximum potential while providing guidance and support to their families, as well as education and community services.

The organization has been well known for its genuine guidance and quality services. The ongoing results have enabled the organization to become world leader in the field of Childhood Disability Management.

ICD is proud to get the National Award for consecutive 2 years. In 2015 ICD got the NATIONAL EDUCATION LEADERSHIP AWARD by World CSR Congress and this year 2016, ICD has got NATIONAL AWARD by ABP News. Both the awards are given to ICD for the excellent works in the paedaitric disablity management.

The new Centre is able to cater the needs of 100 children everyday. Children from different parts of the country are regular beneficiaries. Children from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Australia, USA / UK, Iraq, etc are the International beneficiaries. The specialized developmental pediatric Centre works as out patient Department and provides holistic Management. With the continued patronage in servicing children with special needs and a dedicated team, ICD has expanded its wings by supporting 124 Centers (Developmental Clinic /Rehabilitation Centre / NGO) in different parts of India during last 10 years.


ICD has special treatment protocol for the following disorders / diseases

ICD also offer need based services for children with

The organization has different projects / programs to cater the need of children with delayed milestones or childhood disabilities. ICD runs the following programs-

Avanti- A Centre for Consultancy Services

Sanjeevni- A Centre for Neuro-Enhancement Treatment

Prayas- A Centre for Cognition Enhancement

Aarohi- A Centre for Communication Enhancement

AAKRITI- A Centre for Assistive Technology

Sahas- A Centre for Specialized Intervention

C-CAM- A Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicines

Roshni- A Home / School Based Technical Support Program

C-SET- A Centre for Skill Enhancement Training

C- NAC- A Centre for Networking and Collaboration
Helping to establish / run Pediatric Habilitation Centre

Students in training in the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, special education, and speech therapy are also offered the opportunity to participate in supervised clinical practice / internship.

ICD is a dynamic organization responding to the changes and the challenges of the differently able in 21st century.  ICD has been following the Eclectic / Integrated Approach in the form of Combination Therapy which is popularly known as C-therapy. C-therapy is the amalgamation of the world best result oriented treatment systems. The component of the program varies according to the need of the specific child. Generally parents opt a combination of standard therapy and experimental therapy /exploratory therapy. 

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