Institute for Child Development (ICD) is a not for profit organization registered under section 25 of Company Act 1956. It exclusively works with children with delayed milestones, Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neuromuscular Diseases (e.g. High risk infants, Children with Brain Injury, and Developmental Disabilities, etc). It is one of the first Pediatric Habilitation / Rehabilitation Centers in India, situated in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. ICD (formerly known as INSTITUTE FOR CHILDHOOD DISABILITY) is known as a premier institute for children with special needs.  Since its inception (2001), it has treated more than 32,000 children from different parts of the Globe. 

Institute for Child Development (ICD) has gained a National and International reputation for providing proper diagnostic and treatment services to children with special needs through its indigenous approach known as Neuro-Enhancing Treatment (NET). With the help of Neuro-Enhancing Treatment (NET), ICD has been able to make a large number of children with special need near normal or disability free. The mission of ICD is to help children with delayed milestones, Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Neuromuscular Diseases (e.g. High Risks Infants, Children with Brain Injury, and Developmental Disabilities, etc).and complex medical needs achieve their maximum potential while providing guidance and support to their families, as well as education and community services.

The organization has been well known for its genuine guidance and quality services. The ongoing results have enabled the organization to become world leader in the field of Childhood Disability Management. ICD is proud to get the National Education Leadership Award (2015) on the eve of world CSR day by World CSR Congress and ABP News Excellence Award (2016) for excellence in Pediatric Disability Management.

Institute for Child Development provides the highest-quality assessment and intervention for children with developmental delays. In addition to Cerebral Palsy, diagnoses of children include PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders), GDD (Global Developmental Disorders), DCD (Developmental Co-ordination Disorders), SPD ( Sensory Processing Disorders),  Attention Deficit Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Feeding Disorders, and other behavioral and developmental disabilities. ICD’s reach is global with about 30% local (From Delhi & NCR), about 45% from other states and about 25% from foreign countries(Children from Afghanistan, Iraq , Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Australia, USA, UK, , etc are the International beneficiaries

There is no ready made, one-size-fits-all approach at ICD. Instead, our treatment plans reflect the indigenous philosophy: that each and every individual is unique, with individual strengths and challenges and therefore, that each person deserves an approach of intervention which is tailored to their needs.

ICD uses lot of resources to R & D for newer treatment protocol and therapy equipments. 

Treatments VS Assessments
At ICD, We believe that appropriate and effective treatment is grounded on assessment that considers the whole child not only the symptoms. When a child is evaluated at ICD Treatment Center, highly trained, professionally recognized experts are evaluating. Many of the professionals at ICD are involved in teaching on assessment to other professionals.

An early diagnosis increases the chances of normalcy through successful intervention. Where normalcy is not possible, it can prevent secondary problems like contracture, deformities, behavioral problems, attention / concentration problems, writing difficulties, social-emotional problems, limitation in participation, relationship, self regulation, or poor self esteem.

What makes ICD a unique treatment Center?
We have developed a new treatment approach at ICD.The innovative ICD treatment approach has been based on the concept of Neuroplasticity and Motor Learning. The new ICD treatment approach is so effective that advanced therapists travel from all over the world to participate in our Online / On-Site Training where they are trained in our assessment and treatment approach.

We believe parents are driving force to get maximum result from any treatment so we put parents on the driving seat. We not only empower them but train them to continue the same quality oriented therapies at home. Our intensive therapy session includes parent participation in every session.

The organization has different projects / programs to cater the need of children with delayed milestones or childhood disabilities. ICD runs the following programs-


Centre for Consultancy / Assessment / Evaluation Services


Centre for Neuro-Enhancement Treatment


Centre for Cognition Enhancement


Centre for Communication Enhancement


Centre for Assistive Technology


Centre for Specialized Intervention


Centre for Exploratory Therapies


Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicines


Centre for Skill Enhancement Training

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