Postural Aids & Appliances

What are postural aids?
Postural aids are devices which help a person with physical disability to improve stability, alignment and enhance function

How does a postural aid help a child with developmental disorder?
A postural aid can help a child with physical disability many ways such as
- To improve postural alignment
- To provide stability
- To prove a base to function better
- To decrease abnormal joint position

What are the different types of postural aids available?
There are number of postural aids available according to the need of the individual. Such as
- Corner seat
- Corner chair
- Arm chair
- Potty chair
- Standing frame
- Prone wedge
- Floor cut out table

How I can understand that my child requires postural aids?
Any child with physical disability can be helped with specific postural aid

Is there any assessment or measurement require to order any of these aids?
Yes, for most of these aids, you need specific assessment and measurements. A trained team is required to deal all these aids and appliances

Where can we procure all these aids?
Most of the postural aids are available with us. We need the correct measurement to provide any of the aids
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