Drooling is unintentional involuntary spillage of saliva from the mouth. A major morbidity associated with cerebral palsy. It is considered as psycho-social consequences such as social stigmatization and emotional devastation for the patients and their families.

Causes: It is commonly caused by poor oral facial and bulbar muscles control. The major contributing factors are: hyper secretion of saliva, dental malocclusion, postural problems, inability to recognize salivary spill, mouth breathing, excitement and impaired concentration, lack of sensation around the mouth.

Complications: A lot of complications is caused due to drooling: Peri-oral chapping, dehydration, odor, social stigmatization.

Medication: There are only a few medicines which helps reducing drooling. Anticholinergic medicines such as Glycopyrrolate and scopolamine help a little bit.

Side effects: These medicines have lot of side effects.

Recent development in the management of drooling

- Botox injection to parotid and sub-mandibular gland

- Surgical procedures such as salivary gland excision, salivary duct ligation, duct rerouting.

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