Communication based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT)

What is CCBT?
CCBT is an approach to deal children with Intellectual disability such as ASD, DS, Non specific Mental Retardation; Syndromes associated behavioral issues, etc.

How it is differ from other approaches?
It is different in many ways:-

  • It is a holistic approach where the person with ID gets intervention in all the three domains named: Communication, cognition and social emotional (Behavioral).
  • It saves lot of time due to compact planning and programming
  • It is a highly coordinated program
  • It is cost effective
  • it is based on task analysis so it can be carried by the care providers easily
  • it is goal oriented, where outcome measures is pre-set

Who can provide CCBT?
Generally, CCBT is provided by especially trained Special Educators, Speech therapists and Clinical Psychologists.

Where it is available?
Presently, it is available in ICD, Delhi, India.
Similar Programs are available in other countries also.

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